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Why is 30% Polysaccharides the Optimum Concentration?



- mushroom polysaccharides are the main active substances in fungi. They’re not the only ones, though!!! Triterpenoids, ergosterols, essential phospholipids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc., are also important.

- MycoMedica products use mushroom extracts of 30% polysaccharides (40% in the case of coriolus). In our view, this concentration is optimum for therapy. We not only base this conclusion on our experience, but also on the experience of our German colleagues who have been working with mushrooms for about 40 years. In that time , they’ve not only experimented with mushroom biomass, but also with extracts of higher and lower concentrations.

- lower concentrations (10 or 20%) result in weaker effects

- if the concentration is too strong (40, 50, 60% and more), the amount of polysaccharides in the final extract will be higher, but always at the expense of other active substances which are no less vital!!! Most importantly, the effect will be markedly different when compared to raw mushrooms, for example, meaning thatreishi might not have the complex reishi effect that’s crucial for treating oncological issues. And we don’t want that. Pure 73% beta-glucan BIOcell is sold in our shop at just 290 CZK, while 30% reishi costs 690 CZK. Judge for yourself why that is…

- if a patient needs a product to have astronger effect, there’s no point in increasing the percentage of polysaccharides in the mushroom extract; upping the dosage, i.e. the number of consumed capsules, is enough. The ratio of active substances remains the same, and reflects the ratio of active substances in raw mushrooms more closely.

most importantly , there’s basically no price difference between the 30 and 40-60% concentrations offered by Chinese producers of raw ingredients. If we thought that concentrations of 40, 50, or 60% would help our patients, we would be offering them, just as we do in the case of coriolus which is available in concentrations of 40%.

- What’s the biggest thing MycoMedica has going for it? Our mushrooms are used by the vast majority of physicians and Chinese medicine practitioners, see here. Logically, medical professionals need products that are high quality and most of all work. Their patients can’t be cured by marketing alone, regardless of how good it is. Quality medicinal mushrooms help fight cancer, auto-immune diseases, allergies, chronic infections, diabetes, hypertension, mental issues, and many other health problems.Only a cured patient proves that a product is truly effective and helps improve the user’s condition.

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