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No title – 1DSC08569 1 1Michaela-min(2)Two experts experienced in traditional Chinese medicineare at your disposal at our Advisory Centre, Mr. Milan Schirlo, MUDr. Lenka Gluvňová and Mgr. Michaela Gaydošová have been using traditional Chinese medicine, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms in their offices for many years. Briefly describe your main problem, how it came about, how it developed, and any other issues that may or may not be related to the main one MUDr. Gluvňová or a Mgr. Gaydošová will try to respond to your e-mail within 3 days of receiving it.
Due to a strong interest in this service, our therapists have been falling behind schedule a bit which is why we ask that you please be patient. If you don’t receive an answer within 5 days, re-send your question. You can also use our Friday phone Advisory Centre. 
The Advisory Centre service is provided only in relation to YaoMedica and MycoMedica products! We don’t provide any information about any products offered by different companies as we’re not familiar and have no experience with them. Thank you for understanding.
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Frequently asked questions

What are YaoMedica tinctures made from?

YaoMedica tinctures are made from herbal blends used by traditional Chinese medicine. The process involves macerating the blends for 1 month in 50% alcohol. We use the same recipes physicians relied on as early as 2,000 years ago. Some traditional formulas are slightly modified to meet modern man’s needs.

Our herbs are imported from proven Chinese growers. The herbs are continuously tested to ensure that they don’t contain heavy metals, pesticides, or harmful micro-organisms.

Do YaoMedica tinctures only contain natural substances, or are there additives as well?

Yaomedicatinctures only contain herbs (or rather Yao which contains herbs, minerals, or mussels) and 50% alcohol. 

What’s the difference between tinctures, Chinese wan pills, and Chinese brews?

In case of tinctures, the herbs are macerated in 50% alcohol, or rather in a solution that’s half alcohol and half water. Mixed with water, the alcohol causes a similar reaction as boiling water, though more intense. The amount of active substances released is larger thanduring the preparation of wans.The length of maceration and method of dynamisation also play a vital part. YaoMedica tinctures are macerated for a month and dynamised each day. The amount of active substances is similar to that contained in wans, but their effect has been reported to be stronger. Tinctures resemble brews made from Chinese herbs.

Do you dilute your tinctures?

We’re aware that most producers dilute the eventual macerated extract, often in a ratio of 1:1000 which turns the tincture into sort of a homeopathic medicine. We don’t wish to go down that road. Our tinctures aren’t diluted in any way after maceration.We want to offer our customers only strong and effective tinctures.

Do YaoMedica tinctures have any side effects?

Neither we, nor our colleagues have ever noticed any significant negative side effects. 
However, while a tincture can help you, it can also cause harm, e.g. if a wrong product is used. 
If you’re not sure which product to choose, consult our Advisory Centre or contact a Chinese medicine expert.

Can your tinctures contain any substances that are harmful to the human body?

It all depends on where the herbs came from. We buy them from proven growers and take extreme care to ensure they don’t contain pesticides, heavy metals, or micro-organisms. All of our tinctures undergo laboratory testing so that we’re 100% certain they don’t contain any such substances. The creation of YaoMedica products is governed byHACCPand BIO standards.

Are YaoMedica tinctures suitable for children and drivers since they contain alcohol?

Yes, they’re suitable for both children and drivers. When administered to children, it’s a good idea to pour 1 dcl of boiling water over the dose which makes the alcohol evaporate in about 5 minutes. We’ve conducted tests for drivers as well. If 100 drops of a tincture are administered, the blood alcohol wears off (or rather can’t be detected by a police breathalyser) after approximately 15 minutes. However, every person has a different metabolism, meaning that this information is only approximate. 

Are YaoMedica tinctures suitable for people with digestive issues?Would they irritate the stomach?

When it comes to people with digestive issues, we recommend the same procedure that applies to small children – pour 1 dcl of boiling water over the dose to evaporate the alcohol in about 5 minutes.

Can a regular customer choose a product by themselves, or do they need to consult a therapist?

If a customer suffers from serious health issues, it’s a good idea to consult an expert who’s well-versed in Chinese phytotherapy, e.g.Distributors ,or contact ourAdvisory Centre. If your problems are less severe or a tincture is administered as a preventive measure, you can choose a product yourself, simply by reading the relevant description. 

Due to current EU legislation, this website can no longer present statements which might give the impression that our herbs or mushrooms have any kind of medicinal effect, even though traditional Chinese medicine has existed for thousands of years and been tried by numerous patients. We’re also unable mention any effects confirmed by contemporary scientific studies. Nevertheless, we trust in the common sense of our customers. Detailed information on herbs and fungi can be looked up online in publicly accessible sources. For example, valuable information is available on

How should I determine the dosage in regard to a specific problem?

The recommended dosage is as many drops as your body weight in kilogrammes. If you weigh 60 kg, your daily dosage is 2x30 drops. In some cases, the daily dosage can be increased by a factor of 3. If necessary, it’s a good idea to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner about the chosen dosage,see Distributorsor contact ourAdvisory Centre.

What dosage is suitable for small children?

In the case of children, the dosage should be appropriate to their age and weight. The recommended dosage is as many drops as the child’s body weight in kilogrammes. If the child weighs 30 kg, then the daily dosage is 2x15 drops.

How and when should YaoMedica tinctures be used? 

We recommend using tinctures on an empty stomach, i.e. at least 30 minutes before a meal or 60 minutes after a meal. Pour 0.1 dcl of hot water over the tincture, or drip the dose into a small glass of tepid water. Before you use the tincture,alwaysshake the bottle!

The bottle’s content is slightly turbid. Is this normal?

Yes, slight turbidity is perfectly normal. It’s a good idea to give the bottle a good shake before use.

Can multipleYaoMedicatinctures be combined?

Yes, it’s actually recommended in some cases but your body must be able to make sense of the procedure. If you need to use multiple tinctures, we suggest you take them at different times of day – for example, take one tincture in the morning, and the other in the evening. If you’re confused, contact ourAdvisory Centre.

How soon will the tincture take effect?

This depends on the individual. Some patients report that their condition improved only after a few days. On average, chronic illnesses recede significantly in two or three months. A general tenet of Chinese medicine goes as follows: “A disease is treated for as many months as the years it lasted.” It’s also important to adjust your diet and overall lifestyle (if necessary).

How long should YaoMedica tinctures be used?

This depends on the individual. If you notice any improvement after 2-3 months, you can use the tincture/s for a year or longer. If there’s still no improvement, a different tincture needs to be chosen. We recommend you consult our Advisory Centre about the change.

What happens if the treatment is interrupted for 1-2 days, e.g. because I forgot to take the tincture?

It’s recommended to use our products regularly. If you skip a dose, though, don’t worry about it and keep on taking the tincture as before.

Is it possible to overdose on tinctures?

If you adhere to the recommended dosage, it’s impossible for you to overdose.

Do your tinctures interact with medicinal drugs/other food supplements?

Generally speaking, it’s good to adhere to the “on an empty stomach” rule when it comes to medicinal drugs/other food supplements.

Can YaoMedica tinctures be combined with medicinal MycoMedica mushrooms?

Yes, we often do this in our office. Again, you should bear in mind the reason you use our products and what you intend to achieve.

Can YaoMedica tinctures be combined with food supplements?

Yes, but use them at a different time of day and always adhere to the “on an empty stomach” rule.

If a tincture starts actually helping me with my health problem, can I stop using the drugs prescribed by my physician?

No. Only your physician may discontinue your prescribed treatment.

How should YaoMedica tinctures be stored?

Keep your tinctures in the same dark bottles that they had when they were delivered to you, at room temperature. They shouldn’t be exposed to sun or high temperatures.

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