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015 - Heaven's Bridge

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The HEAVEN'S BRIDGE tincture is based on Chinese herbs or yao. To achieve maximum effectiveness, we use only the highest-quality ingredients and don’t dilute the finished product further.

The HEAVEN'S BRIDGE tincture is based on a recipe used by traditional Chinese medicine: Jing Fang Er Hao Tang. Learn more about the effects of traditional recipes in the Herbal.
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Effects according traditional Chinese medicine

  • animates Xue (blood), animates Qi and fluids 
  • relaxes Xue Yu (blood stasis)
  • relaxes stiff
  • opens Luo (anastomoses)
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Ideal composition, maximum power, and effectiveness

Chinese herbs and mushrooms are the basis of our alcoholic YaoMedica tinctures. We use only the highest-quality ingredients in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. First, the herbs or mushrooms are ground into a very fine powder, using a special machine. Then, they’re macerated in 50% alcohol for up to one month. The macerated extract is dynamised every day. Tinctures aren’t diluted further once finished. That’s very important.

Compared to herbal brews or hot-water extracts, the mechanism of releasing active substances by means of maceration in 50% alcohol is much more intense. When tinctures are used, active substances are released as early as in the oral cavity, increasing effectiveness.

Individual YaoMedica tincture formulas are based on the experience and time-tested traditional Chinese medicine methods which has existed for more than 4,000 years. Its view of humans is holistic, i.e. it has a comprehensive perception of the human body, as a whole, and at the same time as a part of the environment. Balance and harmony – that’s the way to deal with many issues brought about by our current lifestyle, both on a physical and psychological level.

water, alcohol 
Ge Gen kudzu, root - Radix puerariae - 2.8 g
Bai Shao - white peony root - Radix paeoniae alba - 2.1 g
Gan Cao - Chinese liquorice, root - Radix glycyrrhizae - 2.1 g
Chuan Xiong - ligusticum, rootstock - Rhizoma ligustici - 2.1 g
Dang Gui - female ginseng, root - Radix angelicae sinensis - 2.1 g
Hong Hua - safflower , flower - Flos carthami tinctorii - 2.1 g
Lu Lu Tong - Chinese sweet gum, fruit - Fructus liquidambaris - 2.1 g
Dan Shen - red sage, root - Radix salviae - 2.1 g
Di Gu Pi - Chinese boxthorn, root bark - Cort radicis lycii - 1.4 g
Mu Gua - flowering quince, fruit - Fructus chaenomelis - 1.4 g
Niu Xi ox knee, root - Radix achyranthis - 1.4 g
Qiang Huo - notopterygium root, rootstock - Rhizoma notopterygii - 1.4 g
Qin Jiao - gentian, root - Radix gentianae macrophyllae - 2.1 g
Sang Ji Sheng - mulberry mistletoe, sprig - Loranthi ramulus - 2.1 g
Wu Jia Pi - bark of five additions - Cort radicis acantopanacis - 2.1 g
Xu Duan - teasel root - Radix dipsaci - 1.4 g
Sheng Di Huang - rehmannia, unmodified root - Radix rehmaniae - 2.1 g
Tao Ren peach kernel - Semen persicae - 2.1 g
Hu Sui Ben - coriander, tops - Herba coriandri sativi - 1.4 g
Jiang Huang - turmeric, rootstock - Rhizoma curcumae longae - 2.1 g
EU legislation prevents us from making health claims about tinctures. You can find more information about fungi and herbal blends in publicly accessible sources and online. Quality information is available, for example, on


  • shake the tincture before use. Slight turbidity is normal.
  • daily dose equals 1 drop per 1 kg of body weight. Split the daily dose in two parts – morning and evening, i.e. if you weigh, e.g., 70 kg, you’ll be taking 35 drops in the morning and 35 drops in the evening. This way, the tincture will last 15 days.
  • dose can be tripled if recommended by a professional.
  • use the tinctures on an empty stomach, with a minimum interval of 30 minutes before a meal, or an hour after a meal.
  • you can pour a little hot water over tinctures to make the alcohol they contain evaporate. This procedure is recommended for children and drivers.
  • a month-long treatment usually requires 2-3 packages (depending on the daily dose – see above)
Contents: 50 ml = 1,100 drops
This blend is based on the Chinese recipe Jing Fang Er Hao Tang.
WarningNot suitable for children, pregnant women, and nursing women. Doesn’t replace varied and balanced diet. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Don’t exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children, at temperatures below 25 °C. Contains no additives. Possible turbidity or coagulation do no harm. 

Products offered on this website are food supplements. They’re not medicinal drugs and a can’t replace them. You can also contact our Advisory Centre.


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