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General Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

MycoMedica Online Store’s General Terms and Conditions



These General Terms and Conditions apply to any purchase of goods in the Online Store and

 TCM POINT s.r.o.

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Information published on the above-mentioned Website is provided for information purposes only and doesn’t replace any guidance from qualified physicians. Consult a physician about your health condition.


Conclusion of a Purchase Contract

A properly completed and placed customer (Buyer) order constitutes the conclusion of a Purchase Contract between the Buyer and TCM POINT s.r.o. (Seller). 
 After your order is received, a confirmation will be immediately e-mailed to you. Such confirmations are sent automatically, serve information purposes only, and don’t necessarily mean that your proposal to enter into a Purchase Contract has been automatically accepted. 
 If the Seller doesn’t object to your proposal within 24 hours of having received it(on bank holidays, public holidays, and national holidays, this term is automatically extended by the duration of such a holiday), the Purchase Contract is considered to be concluded. 
 From this moment onward, mutual rights and obligations are established between the Buyer and  Seller. 
 All contractual relationships are entered into as per the Czech Republic’s legal system. As a consumer is a party to the contract, any relationships that aren’t regulated by these General Terms and Conditions are governed by the Civil Code (Act No. 40/1964, Collection of Law, as subsequently amended) and the Act on Consumer Protection (Act No. 634/1992, Collection of Law, as subsequently amended).


Placing an Order

Before you definitively confirm an Order, read it carefully. The correct completion of an Order, as well as the accuracy of the necessary information  for its successful handling are the responsibility of the Buyer. If you are satisfied with the Order, click the PLACE A BINDING ORDER button which will definitively send your order for processing. An Order placed in this manner is binding. A confirmation of your Order will be sent to the e-mail address you provided in the Order.


Cancelling an Order

Placed Orders can only be cancelled if the Order hasn’t yet been processed and shipped to the Buyer. Orders are cancelled by means of an e-mail sent at, or by calling +420 739454915. You must always be able to provide information about the Order, its number, and any data which makes it possible for you to be identified. 
 If the Order can’t be cancelled, purchased goods can be returned to the Seller within a month without stating a reason, in an intact, unused, and unworn condition within a month (see Returning the Goods).


Returning the Goods

If you decide for any reason that you don’t want to keep the purchased goods, we go above our statutory obligations (as  § 53, Article 7, and § 54 of the Civil Code) to give you the option of returning the goods within one month without stating a reason. You can send us the undamaged, unused, and unworn goods in their original packaging, with the original invoice (or at least a copy) in the stated period, as determined from the date of the goods’ dispatching back to the Seller. The Buyer shall send the withdrawal from the Purchase Contract to the Seller's e-mail address or to the delivery address of the Seller's warehouse: MycoMedica, Tomkova 53, Police nad Metují 54954. The package can be shipped only as a standard parcel – cash on delivery parcels won’t be accepted. After the goods are received, a corresponding sum will be refunded to you by means of a bank transfer (within 30 days at the latest). Shipping/packing fees are not subject to a refund. If a sample or gift is delivered with the order, it must be returned to the seller together with the products.


Price of Goods

All prices in our Online Store include VAT and are in force from the moment that the Order is placed.


Shipping, Delivery, and Delivery Payment

The Seller always delivers  ordered goods with one copy of an invoice which also serves as a bill of delivery and a warranty card.
 The goods are dispatched by the Seller within 1-5 business days, by handing them over to a courier. The delivery time is governed by the courier’s internal regulations. If certain items aren’t currently available but are already being re-stocked, the delivery time can be extended by 1-7 business days. If certain items aren’t currently available nor are they being re-stocked, you’ll be contacted by e-mail.
 Unless agreed otherwise, goods are delivered by the Geis transport company.
 The Buyer will receive the goods from the courier in an envelope or parcel.
 Payment is credited to our account beforehand (the account number is provided in an e-mail with the payment information), done on delivery (courier transport), or in cash (personal pick-up).

Goods can be picked up in person at TCM POINT, Krásnohorké 672, Náchod. You’ll be notified of the pick-up date by e-mail, phone, or a text message.


Receiving the Package

Pay careful attention to the unwrapped package, i.e. the parcel’s cardboard box, envelope, protective tape, and any and all damage or tears, regardless of how small they are, most importantly punctures in the cardboard and deformed corners. These signs may indicate that the parcel was mishandled during transportation, and that the goods contained in the parcel may have suffered possible damage. If you discover any such signs that the parcel may have been illegally interfered with or damaged during transportation, immediately notify the delivery personnel of this fact. Insist that a complaint is lodged, or a record made which would detail the condition in which the parcel or envelope were delivered, as well as any other damage. This measure makes it easier to process later complaints, and helps to minimise the occurrence of possible damage.


Packaging Materials

The Seller is responsible for ensuring that the packaging of shipped products conforms to all statutory requirements. The bottle includes full information about the product’s composition as well as directions for use. The text is identical to the text approved by a government authority. The bottle must always contain the product’s best-before date.


Personal Data Protection

By logging into our Online Store, you are automatically included in the company’s customer database. According to the amendment to Act No. 480/2004, Collection of Law, your details can be used for contacting you electronically so that you can receive business newsletters about our products or services. 
 Each newsletter contains directions for unsubscribing from receiving future e-mails. 
 Customers can request that their personal data is deleted from the database and their registration cancelled at any time.
 By providing their sign-up information, the customer agrees to having their information processed and used for our internal needs and marketing purposes According to§ 4, Letter e), Act No. 101/2000, Collection of Law. Under no circumstances will such

data be provided to any third party.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

  1. Dear consumer – if you believe we have aggrieved you or failed to meet our obligations, send us a message at
  2. If we fail to resolve the issue directly according to Act No. 378/2015 which amends Act No. 634/1992, Collection of Law, On Consumer Protection, you’re entitled to seek alternative dispute resolution.
  3. The entity in charge of alternative resolutions to consumer disputes between the seller and consumer (ADR) is the Czech Trade Inspection Authority or any other entity authorised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, see
  4. Consumers can submit a proposal to the CTIA, by means of an online form, available on its website: .
  5. Consumers can submit proposals to CTIA or any other authorised entity within 1 year of the day they first exercised their disputed right against the Seller.
  6. Consumers can also submit a proposal through the ADR EU platform, available online on: Proposals can only be submitted in this manner by consumers who live in the EU, and must concern only sellers whose office is registered in the EU.
  7. If litigants aren’t satisfied with the quality of the alternative resolution to their consumer dispute, and believe that the Rules of Alternative Dispute Resolution were violated during the proceedings, they may lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic by mail, or by sending an e-mail at
  8. In case of cross-border disputes, access to relevant alternative dispute resolution authorities is provided by the European Consumer Centre of the Czech Republic.
  9. Costs associated with ADR are borne by the litigants.


Final Provisions

The Seller reserves the right to amend and change these Terms and Conditions. 
 These General Terms and Conditions come into effect on June 1st, 2011.


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