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Zuzana Baudyšová – Our Child Foundation

I’m very happy that MycoMedica has joined the ranks of those who sponsor Our Child Foundation. We’re pleased that MycoMedica’s customer base is constantly growing, showing concern for sick children, and helping us purchase what single mothers and socially deprived families would otherwise be unable to afford. We thank MycoMedica and business partners who collectively support Our Child Foundation for their continued favour and financial assistance.
We wish robust health, harmony, and joy of life to you all.
Zuzana Baudyšová
Managing director of Our Child Foundation

Petra Soukupová PSO - Police Symphony Orchestra

11143243_1111798035507368_5079035744228965413_oI was first introduced to MycoMedica, or rather to Martin Schirlo, at our benefit in 2016. Mr. Martin Schirlo was in charge of documenting the entire evening with his camera. The same year in autumn, MycoMedica donated a substantial sum of money as a part of the HitHit portal’s Potřebujeme JINÉ nástroje campaign, helping us obtain our own instruments and become independent. We’ve been collaborating ever since, and we’re very grateful for the experience!

You know, such businesses or people like Martin Schirlo are very rare... People who give so much to others not just financially, but also personally. We value this opportunity to briefly thank MycoMedica , and say: We appreciate you!

On behalf of the Police Symphony Orchestra
Petra Soukupová


David Novotný – the founder of the Man of the Year competition

_DSC5604I’ve been working with MycoMedica for many years. They help me financially with oganising charity events, be itThe Man of the Year, Good Deed Day, or Christmas concerts. The proceeds go to children’s homes, day care centres, and nursing homes in the Náchod region.

Plus I use their quality mushrooms myself :-) 

Thank you very much, MycoMedica, for your support. I wish you a great deal of success in making quality products from medicinal mushrooms, and I’m looking forward to our continued cooperation.

David Novotný
Founder of The Man of the Year

Pavel Frydrych - Zpověď počátku tisíciletí


I’d hereby like to thank MycoMedica - Medicinal Mushrooms for supporting the publication of my book “Zpověď z počátku tisíciletí”. It’s a collection of ten, seemingly independent short stories which reflect on the contemporary influence of the tabloid media or the internet, and contemplate the ease with which one can affect human thinking. The book confronts this fact with history, showing that humans haven’t actually changed that much over the years. It demonstrates a strong connection between the world and the fates of individual characters, without having to "embellish" them with charisma - humans are simply a part of the world, but at the same time shape it.

Therefore, many thanks to MycoMedica.

P.S. And of course, I have excellent personal experience with MycoMedica mushrooms...

Pavel Frydrych - author 

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