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Wan Dai Tang

According to current EU legislation, this website can no longer present statements which might give the impression that our herbs or mushrooms have any kind of medicinal effect, even though traditional Chinese medicine has existed for thousands of years and been tried by numerous patients. We’re also unable mention any effects confirmed by contemporary scientific studies. Nevertheless, we trust in the common sense of our customers. Detailed information on herbs and fungi can be looked up online in publicly accessible sources. For example, valuable information is available on

Blend description:

The End Discharge Extract tincture is based on Wan Dai Tang, a blend used in traditional Chinese medicine.053

A traditional gynaecological Chinese mixture. Weakened system Pi (spleen, digestion), creates excessive moisture Shi in the body. Shi's moisture, by its severe nature, sinks down and often manifests itself as discharge. If liver stagnation Gan Yu from emotions and stresses, and in addition further weakens the spleen, the body gradually begins to develop Re (heat). This heat is often mixed to form the so-called Shi Re (wet heat). Think of it as a glue that sticks everything.

Effects according to Chinese medicine:

  • removes Shi (dampness) from the organism
  • cools Xue Re (heat in blood)
  • strengthens Pi Qi (spleen energy)

Clinical notes:

  • Dietetics aimed at strengthening the spleen and removing moisture is very important, see the Eating section. We usually recommend adding teardrop extract (MycoClean).
  • increased personal hygiene is also important


Chinese English Latin
Bai Zhu White atractylodes, rhizome Rhiz. atractylodis
Shan Yao Chinese yam, tuber Tub. dioscoreae oppositae
Dang Shen Poor man's ginseng, root Rad. codonopsis
Cang Zhu Black atractylodis rhizome, rhizome Rhiz. atractilodis
Chen Pi Mandarin orange, bark Peri. citri
Che Qian Zi
Plantain, seed Sem. plantaginis
Bai Shao
White peony, root Rad. paeoniae alba
Chai Hu Southern bupleurum, tops Rad. bupleuri
Jing Jie Japanese catnip, tops Herb. schizonepetae
Gan Cao Liquorice, root Rad. glycyrrhizae

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