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Our doctors and therapists will give you expert advice on the right choice of products

The world of Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the body in a very different way than our Western medicine. That's why it can sometimes be difficult for you to find your way around and choose the right product - the right vital mushroom or herbal blend.

That's why we, Misha and Lenka - therapists of Traditional Chinese Medicine - are here to recommend the best for you in our online consultation. We have been dealing with vital mushrooms and herbs for many years, using them daily in our own practices, so we know exactly how they work and when they help.

The advisory works only for MycoMedica and YaoMedica products.

Unfortunately, we cannot advise on other companies' products. We do not know them, we do not know anything about their composition or the raw materials used, so it is not in our power to evaluate them. Nor is it our job.

Thank you for respecting that.

Our therapists at your service
Mgr. Michaela Gaydošová
Mgr. Michaela Gaydošová
As the head of the telephone counselling service, I will be happy to advise you on the most suitable combination of medicinal mushrooms and herbal tinctures to move on with age-old problems.
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Milan Schilro
Milan Schilro
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Mudr. Lenka Gluvňová
Mudr. Lenka Gluvňová
As a consultant and advisor for MycoMedica, I am happy to help you with the use of vital mushrooms and traditional Chinese medicine products.
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Choose from a range of options to use our advisory centre:

1Complete the diagnostic questionnaire
Click here to describe your problem, fill in the diagnostic questionnaire and attach a photo of your tongue. Please prefer this method. The diagnosis by our therapists will then be much more accurate.
2Call us
It is also possible to use the telephone advisory service at the times indicated.
Mgr. Michaela Gaydošová
tel. 731 164 770
Mon-Thu:   9 am-5 pm
Fri: 9 am-2 pm
Mudr. Lenka Gluvňová
If you don't hear from us, don't despair, we will call you back.
3Write us an e-mail

Please describe your problem or question in as much detail as possible in an email to: Describe your problem - when it occurred, in what context, how long it has been going on, how it manifests itself, describe any difficulties you are experiencing and ideally include a photo of your tongue.

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