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Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang

According to current EU legislation, this website can no longer present statements which might give the impression that our herbs or mushrooms have any kind of medicinal effect, even though traditional Chinese medicine has existed for thousands of years and been tried by numerous patients. We’re also unable mention any effects confirmed by contemporary scientific studies. Nevertheless, we trust in the common sense of our customers. Detailed information on herbs and fungi can be looked up online in publicly accessible sources. For example, valuable information is available on

Blend description:

The Nine Herbs tincture is based on Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang, a blend used in traditional Chinese medicine.046_Jiu Wei Qiang Huo Tang_Devět bylin_tinktura

A traditional blend for acute Feng Shi (wind-dampness) attack. One can feel ‘heavy’. The blend isn’t intended for preventive use.

Effects according to Chinese medicine:

  • Removes Feng Shi (wind-dampness) from the body
  • Opens pores and triggers Han (sweating)
  • Purifies Nei Re (internal heat)

Tongue: Red at the front, with a sticky coating

Pulse: Fast and superficial


Chinese English Latin
 Qiang Huo  Notopterygium root, rhizome  Rhiz. notopterygii
 Fang Feng  Siler, root  Rad. ledebouriellae
 Cang Zhu  Black atractylodes, rhizome  Rhiz. atractilodis
 La Jiao Gen  Cayenne peppers  Rad. capsici
 Chuan Xiong  Szechuan lovage root, rhizome  Rhiz. ligustici
 Bai Zhi  Dahurian angelica, root  Rad. angelicae dahuricae
 Di Huang  Chinese foxglove, untreated root  Rad. rehmaniae
 Huang Qin  Baikal skullcap, root  Rad. scutellariae
 Gan Cao  Liquorice, root  Rad. glycyrrhizae
 Sheng Jiang  Ginger, rhizome  Rhiz. zingiberis recens

Other educational sources:

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