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Huan Shao Dan

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Blend description:

The Young again tincture is based on Huan Shao Dan, a blend used in traditional Chinese medicine.


The ancient Chinese devoted major efforts into reaching old age. And achieving a healthy old age. Not like today's Western society, where life expectancy is prolonged but its quality decreases. Life is only prolonged through the use of pharmaceuticals.

In ancient China, although they also experimented with various "elixirs of life", the basis was a healthy lifestyle. They even developed a special Yang Sheng method (nutrition of life) that sets certain rules for us to live by. If we follow them, we’ll live to healthy old age. Peter Deadman says about Yang Sheng: “The Yang Sheng method represents 2,500 years’ experience, knowledge and wisdom about “cultivating of life”, leading to health and longevity. It’s based on traditions of Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, medical, folk and martial traditions. Thanks to their love of science, the ancient Chinese are associated with many discoveries and inventions, often hundreds of years before the Western world. They also applied their ground-breaking knowledge in the field of human life, health and diseases. We can say that the Yang Sheng method represents the four basic principles of a healthy life. Firstly, it’s cultivation of the mind and emotions, secondly the correct diet, thirdly adequate exercise and rest, and fourthly sleep. Yang Sheng also emphasises a healthy sex life, close connection with nature, proper care during pregnancy, childbirth and months afterwards, raising children, creative arts (especially music), and also advises on how to care for yourself when we age and we’re approaching the end of our lives. A "Good death" is as an aim that’s as important as a good life. One of the great advantages of this method is that it contains a few simple principles to help us navigate the vast array of often contradictory health claims and recommendations that Western medicine gives us. The principles of the golden middle way, balancing Yin and Yang, and life in harmony with nature can be very important to us, but we need to understand their deeper meaning.”

Peter Deadman wrote the whole book on Yang Sheng (Live well, live long), but he also created some basic rules to help us:

  1. Every day, practice something that cultivates your peacefulness, your consciousness of the present, a deeper relationship with your real self, and be grateful for what you have (including your own life).
  2. Most of us should eat less. You should feel a little hungry after each meal. This approach proves to be a simple and most effective way to reduce ageing diseases and prevent premature death.
  3. Don’t eat late in the evening and don’t go to sleep with a full stomach.
  4. Don’t eat if you’re angry or upset. You should eat calmly, slowly and sitting down.
  5. Move as much as possible - walk a lot, love stairs, physical work, hiking, swimming, dancing, etc.
  6. If you have the time and the opportunity, do some of the amazing Asian body, breathing and mind exercises like qigong, tai chi or yoga.
  7. Don’t forget the healing power of sleep. Your body needs enough time to regenerate.
  8. Take care of relationships, friendships, care for family, relationships in society, enjoy nature, music and art.

Chinese medicine defines human health in a way that a healthy person is full of Qi and blood and everything flows freely in them. Huan Shao Dan is formulated to boost both Qi and Xue (blood) while agitating stagnation.

It’s rather more of a preventive mixture fighting the oncoming old age.

Effects according to Chinese medicine:

  • supplements all components of body Qi, Xue (blood), Yin, Yang
  • moves Xue (blood) and Qi


Chinese English Latin
Di Huang Adhesive rehmannia, treated root Rad. rehmaniae preparata
Shan Yao Chinese yam, tuber Tub. dioscoreae oppositae
Niu Xi Ox knee, root Rad. achyranthis
Gou Qi Zi Chinese wolfberry, fruit Fruc. lycii
Shan Zhu Yu Japanese cornel, fruit Fruc. corni
Fu Ling
Hoelen, sclerotium Skler. poriae
Du Zhong
Chinese rubber tree, bark Cort. eucommiae
Yuan Zhi Milkwort, root Rad. polygalae tenuifoliae
Wu Wei Zi Magnolia-vine, fruit Fruc. schisandrae
He Shou Wu Chinese knotweed, root tuber Rad. polygoni multiflori
Xiao Hui Xiang Fennel, fruit Fruct. foeniculi
Ba Ji Tian Indian mulberry, root Rad. morindae
Suo Yang   Herba cynomorii
Shi Chang Pu Dwarf sedge, rhizome Rhiz. acori
Da Zao Jujube, fruit Fruc. jujubae
Sheng Jiang Ginger, rhizome Rhiz. zingiberis recens

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