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According to current EU legislation, this website can no longer present statements which might give the impression that our herbs or mushrooms have any kind of medicinal effect, even though traditional Chinese medicine has existed for thousands of years and been tried by numerous patients. We’re also unable mention any effects confirmed by contemporary scientific studies. Nevertheless, we trust in the common sense of our customers. Detailed information on herbs and fungi can be looked up online in publicly accessible sources. Valuable information is available, for example, on

Blend description:

The Dam Cleanse tincture is based on the Gu Zhen Jia Mai Ya Wan blend and created with the aim of maintaining a healthy 002_Gu Zhen Jia Mai Ya Wanprostate. The prostate is a small organ the size of a walnut. Men over fifty often deal with prostate issues. Such issues only worsen as the patient ages. Apart from a loss of strength and vitality, the flow of Qi and fluids slows down. Over time, blockages appear in crucial places, one of those places being the prostate. Acute and chronic prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia are the most frequent prostate issues. Symptoms include irregular urine flow, urine stoppage, painful urination, or a burning sensation in the prostate region. According to Chinese medicine, this is caused by a combination of several problems: weakened yang energy of the kidneys, damp-heat, or a blocked flow of blood, qi, and fluids.

This formula contains a large dose of saw palmetto which didn’t originate in China, but North America where Native Americans picked it to treat prostate issues. Serenoa (saw palmetto) is used to promote prostate health, a functional reproductive and urinary system, or healthy hair growth.

Effects according to Chinese medicine:

  • strengthens Shen Yang (kidney Yang)
  • relaxes Gan Qi (liver Qi)
  • drains pathological Jin Ye (fluids and impurities)
  • promotes Qi flow and breaks the Xue Yu blockage in the lower burner (prostate region)

Tongue: according to the prevailing pattern

Pulse: according to the prevailing pattern


Chinese English Latin
Tu Si Zi dodder seed, seed Sem. cuscutae
Jin Ying Zi Cherokee rose, fruit Fruc. rosae laevigatae
Fu Ling China root, sclerotium Skler. poriae
Mu Li oyster, shell Concha ostreae
Mai Ya germinated barley, fruit Fruc. hordei germinatus
Serenoa saw palmetto Serenoa repens

Other educational sources:

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Hampen, Fischer - A Materia Medica for Chinese Medicine

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