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Bi Yan Wan


According to current EU legislation, this website can no longer present statements which might give the impression that our herbs or mushrooms have any kind of medicinal effect, even though traditional Chinese medicine has existed for thousands of years and been tried by numerous patients. We’re also unable mention any effects confirmed by contemporary scientific studies. Nevertheless, we trust in the common sense of our customers. Detailed information on herbs and fungi can be looked up online in publicly accessible sources. For example, valuable information is available on

Blend description:

The poetically named Nose Breeze tincture is based on Bi Yan Wan, a traditional blend administered by Chinese medicine.005_Bi Yan Wan

The blend has been typically used to maintain a free flow of Fei Qi (lung Qi energy) in the nasal region. Fei Qi can become blocked for many reasons, most often due to an incursion of pathogenic Qi, wind-cold or wind-heat.

Effects according to Chinese medicine:

  • opens up the surface and purifies Feng Re or Feng Han (wind-cold or wind-heat)
  • clears the upper openings connected to Fei (lungs)

Tongue: normal or thin, with a white (cold) or yellow (heat) furring

Pulse: may be pathology-free, or, if a nasal pathology is associated with an acute invasion, superficial and tight (cold), or superficial and rapid (heat)


Chinese English Latin
Cang Er Zi Siberian cocklebur, fruit Fruc. xanthii
Xin Yi Hua magnolia, buds Flos magnoliae
Fang Feng siler, root Rad. ledebouriellae
Lian Qiao weeping forsythia, fruit Fruc. forsythiae
Ye Ju Hua Japanese catnip, flower Flos chrysanthemi indici
Wu Wei Zi magnolia-vine, fruit Fruc. schisandrae
Jie Geng balloon flower, root Rad. platycodi
Bai Zhi Dahurian angelica, root Rad. angelicae dahuricae
Zhi Mu Anemarrhena rhizome, rootstock Rhiz. anemarrhenae
Jing Jie schizonepeta (common chaste-tree/vitex-mustard) Herb. schizonepetae
Gan Cao Chinese liquorice, root Rad. glycyrrhizae


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