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An Shen Ding Zhi Wan

According to current EU legislation, this website can no longer present statements which might give the impression that our herbs or mushrooms have any kind of medicinal effect, even though traditional Chinese medicine has existed for thousands of years and been tried by numerous patients. We’re also unable mention any effects confirmed by contemporary scientific studies. Nevertheless, we trust in the common sense of our customers. Detailed information on herbs and fungi can be looked up online in publicly accessible sources. For example, valuable information is available on

Blend description:

The Still surface tincture is based on An Shen Ding Zhi Wan, a blend used in traditional Chinese medicine.


One of the basic traditional Chinese medicine mixtures for soothing the soul of Shen, based in Xin (heart). The mixture contains herbs that nourish Xin Xue (the heart’s blood) and therefore make the anchor for the Shen's soul. If it doesn’t have a sufficient anchor, it tends to fly. Such a person isn’t anchored mentally and they’re easily disturbed. It's also suitable for turbulent emotions. According to Chinese medicine, emotions are normal manifestation of the organs. We need them. If didn’t have the emotion of fear, the first car would run over us. However, if emotions are excessive, we dissect in them, we’re always solving something and therefore invoking or suppressing them, because it is socially inappropriate to tell the boss off, so these emotions begin to harm us. This is the correct time for An Shen Ding Zhi Wan. Since some herbs nourish yin and fluids, this mixture is a good choice for women during the menopause.

Effects according to Chinese medicine:

  • supplements Qi
  • calms Shen spirit
  • draws Yang
  • nourishes Yin
  • stabilises emotions


Chinese English Latin
Fu Shen Hoelen, fruiting body with root Scler. paradicis poriae cocos
Fu Ling Hoelen, sclerotium Skler. poriae
Shi Chang Pu Dwarf sedge, rhizome Rhiz. acori
Yuan Zhi Milkwort, root Rad. polygalae tenuifoliae
Mai Men Dong Dwarf lilyturf, root Rad. ophiopogonis
Suan Zao Ren Chinese jujube, seed Sem. ziziphi spinosae
Zhen Zhu Mu Freshwater pearl mussel Concha margaritiferae

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